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VC Governance FAQ: (8) How can a limited partner exit from a VC fund?

images-16This is the eighth in our series of ten frequently asked questions from investors in venture capital partnerships.

Susan Mangiero, CEO of Investment Governance’s Fiduciary X, asked me the following:

Question: What happens if an LP wants to exit a VC fund? What are their rights?

Answer: The options here are limited, and they are (1) the LP can try to sell their interest, including the obligation to fund future capital calls, to a fund that acquires secondary interests.  The good news is that a robust market exists for such interests in venture capital partnerships today; or (2) default.  If you do wish to sell, the GP needs to approve the transfer, and the standard partnership agreement language leaves this decision in the “sole discretion” of the GP.  There is no free lunch if you change your mind several years into a 10-year-plus partnership participation. And there shouldn’t be, which also means that either the secondary market buyer will take their pound of flesh by buying the LP’s interest at a substantial discount, or the GP will by offering the interest and its economic value on a discounted basis to the other LP’s.  It is far less disruptive to the GP and to the GP-LP relationship for the exiting partner to sell to a secondary buyer, but these buyers are totally financially driven and are going to get the best deal possible for themselves.

Link to Archived Grant Thornton Webcast; Accounting Bloggers Weigh in on Study

First of all, we must say it is a compelling read with some disturbing trends and conclusions that vividly show that the US has experienced serious decline of leadership in the IPO market, and overseas markets have seen rapid growth in IPO listings, especially in Asia, where listings have more than exceeded their strong GDP performance. …

Doubtless, there is a crisis in the US IPO markets, and this issue is getting compounded each year. If action were not taken now, the US could lose the lead it has held for decades in global capital markets. The situation is dire indeed, and all regulators and lawmakers should react to save the US from certain followership.
This report is a must-read for all players in the capital market space, and we trust you will find the results equally astounding.

Clearly, this is a wake up call for America, and the title does full justice to the seriousness of this problem.

For anyone interested in listening to the archived webcast form November 9th, CLICK HERE