Partnership for Freedom – Rethinking Supply Chains Challenge Grant Awarding $500,000 to Entrepreneurs

I am excited to join in announcing the launch of Rethink Supply Chains: The Tech Challenge to Fight Labor Trafficking from the Partnership for Freedom, for which I will be serving as one of the judges.

The Rethink Supply Chains Challenge is a call to action to a wide range of communities – developers, designers, social entrepreneurs, advocates, and innovators – to apply their talents to a critical cause: ending forced labor and modern slavery in the global supply chain.

In today’s global economy, forced labor remains a critical problem across a range of industries, including manufacturing, fishing, agriculture, and mining. Due to the complex nature of supply chains for goods and services, however, it’s often difficult for businesses, workers, NGOs, and governments to understand where forced labor is occurring and how to take action to remedy it.

In response to this problem, the Challenge is seeking creative tech tools and solutions that target key problems in how we prevent, identify, and address forced labor. From finding new ways for companies to connect directly with workers to improving the traceability of products in high-risk supply chains, the Challenge seeks innovative approaches that leverage technology to provide better results. It will be supporting the best of the ideas through a $500,000 prize pool for finalists and winners.

The first round of the challenge is open until December 13th. I hope you’ll visit the Partnership for Freedom website and spread the word.

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