Introducing Leaf + Twig

In 2000, my wife, Belinda, and I replanted a small vineyard in St. Helena, California and have overseen its evolution into Leaf + Twig.  While the vineyard itself can yield close to 10 tons of  grapes, translating into approximately 500 cases of wine, we have only made about 25 cases of the Leaf + Twig each year.  The balance of the Leaf + Twig Vineyard grapes are sold to Vineyard 29 and blended into the highly regarded Cru label.   Since 2004 we have released six vintages of this super premium cabernet sauvignon wine.  Philippe Melka made our 2004, and Keith Emerson, the Director of Winemaking at Vineyard 29 since 2005, has made every subsequent vintage to date.  We are delighted with our early tasting of the 2009, which will bottle age for 12 months prior to its release in June 2012.


Beginning with 2006, we selected a unique label for Leaf + Twig that captures the essence of our vision for this wine: a refined nose, elegant fruit on the palate, and subtle complexity through its long finish. Designed by David Hughes, who is well known for his work for Thomas Keller,  the label itself is all white with embossed leaf and twig impressions.   The image above shows the design in black and white in order to highlight the impressions of actual leaves and twigs from the vineyard that frame the upper and lower borders of the front label.

There is an important double meaning to the name Leaf + Twig, as those were the names of our two loyal canine companions. both of whom pre-dated the vineyard.  Sadly, Leaf + Twig both passed on in 2010.

To visit the site and learn more about Leaf + Twig, please click HERE

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