Monotheism 101– Fiji Edition

One of my favorite tropical drinks is dark rum, tonic, and a generous lime wedge, served in a tall glass with lots of ice. 

I sat down at Navutu's beach-side bar in the beautiful Yasawa islands yesterday evening, ordered my favorite, and the bartender made some conversation as he prepared the refreshing potion.  This is what followed:

"Are you going to go to church tomorrow?"

"No, I wasn't planning on going to church.  My family and I are of the Jewish faith.  We observe the Sabbath on Friday nights, and many Jews go to synagogue on Saturday morning."

"What is a synagogue?"

"It's a lot like a church."

"Same God?"

"Same God."

He was satisfied with that answer, and I was satisfied with his preparation of my drink.  My theological work in Fiji was done.

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