Why Entrepreneurs Can Thrive During a Recession

Vivek Wadhwa, currently a Wertheim Fellow at the Harvard Law School and a successful tech entrepreneur, wrote a constructive article in Business Week, "Startups: The Upside of a Downturn", providing advice and encouraging entrepreneurs not to wait to start a business during a recession– on the contrary, he identifies a recessionary environment as supportive of well-crafted new business opportunities.  For a link to the full article, click here.  

I've excerpted some of the core concepts in the article below:

"My advice for other tech entrepreneurs thinking of launching right now? Don't wait. A recession is your ally in building a lean, thriving company. Consider the following four advantages.

Less competition. An economic downturn clears the competitive landscape for startups. Most of the "me-too" companies with inferior products and weak business models go out of business, and fewer are started. Plus, it becomes a lot easier to do licensing deals with universities and business partners—no one else is.

Lower costs. It is a buyer's market, and you can negotiate deals on real estate, equipment, and materials like never before. Salaries are lower for new hires, and there is little pressure to give big salary increases to existing staff.

Easier to recruit and keep employees. You will readily find people who have been laid off and are eager to get back to work. They will accept lower salaries in return for stock and take the risk of joining a startup. And rather than focusing on getting a job with a competitor who pays a little more money, employees are usually content to build tenure and focus on your success.

Less pressure to expand. Rather than rushing to expand your business, you have the luxury of doing it right. You can conceive of better products, test them carefully to make sure they work and meet customer needs, and experiment with different business models. Since you are not in a frantic rush to get a product out or build market share, you can do things more methodically."

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