“Bailing Out Wall Street” Commonwealth Club Panel Broadcast on KALW 91.7 November 11 at 7PM PST


KALW 91.7 FM, the local San Francisco National Public Radio station, will be broadcasting "Bailing Out Wall Street", the lively election-eveCommonwealth Club INFORUM panel on which I participated, tomorrow at 7 PM PDT.   In front of a live audience of over 200 people, we shared differing views on the wisdom of the Federal Government's emergency relief and assistance program to the banking and finance industries– commonly tarred as the "Wall Street Bailout".  Our vigorous discussion was fueled by the nature of the panelists, as I joined Dave Callaway, Editor-in-Chief, MarketWatchJonathan Berk, Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, and Maggie Mui, San Francisco Market Regional President, Wells Fargo.  The panel was expertly moderated by Kathleen Pender, Net Worth Columnist, San Francisco Chronicle.

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Dave Callaway, Maggie Mui, Jonathan Berk, Pascal Levensohn, and Kathleen Pender

Some of the thorny questions we addressed: 
  • Will the bailout work and is it really a bailout?
  • Did the Treasury's decision to throw Lehman Brothers under the proverbial bus on September 13 light the match for the panic that subsequently routed financial markets?
  • What are the current prospects for entrepreneurs and for continuing innovation in Silicon Valley during these recessionary times?
  • Are we going to drown in new securities regulations with unintended negative consequences?
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