A New Dawn for America

I feel particularly optimistic tonight, and I see sunlight in America's future. Gathering with my family in front of the TV, and listening to Senator McCain's gracious concession speech, my greatest hope is that a sense of bipartisanship, motivated by the desire to act in the best long term interests of America, will drive our country forward to a truly better place through the difficult times that remain ahead.  It is easy to be cynical about politics and elections, but the demographic facts about this election stand cynicism on its head.  As Barack Obama said tonight, in America, anything is possible.  As we go forward, let's not forget this.  We can rise above our own selfish interests to do the right things for our country. Tonight, I am more proud to be an American than ever before, and I feel very fortunate to be a first generation American who not only has lived the American dream, but who continues to believe in the American dream for my children and for all Americans.

"In this country we rise or fall as one nation, as one people."

President-Elect Barack Obama
November 4, 2008

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