Building Alliances Between Venture Capitalists and Corporations- A Consistent Imperative


Building alliances between venture capitalists and corporations has never been more important than in today’s extraordinarily volatile capital markets. We may be looking at a Brave New World in finance when markets re-equilibrate (and eventually they will), but knowing how to partner with large corporations– who are both strategic business development partners as well as potential strategic acquirers of emerging companies– will remain a constant for venture capitalists.

The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) kicks off a new corporate webcast series on Friday, October 17, 2008 with a special complimentary webcast featuring Claudia Fan Munce, Managing Director, IBM Venture Capital Group, and Dan’l Lewin, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation, who have generously sponsored Partnerships for Prosperity: Building Alliances Between Venture Capitalists and Corporations.

I will be moderating the webcast, and we will discuss some of the challenges and best practices that venture capitalists should follow in order to optimize their relationships with IBM and Microsoft. The models that IBM and Microsoft follow are by no means identical, as they are influenced by different corporate cultures and business priorities. Claudia and Dan’l will share helpful tips on how to best work with their organizations as well as more general insights on successful corporate partnering strategies for VCs.

The new webcast series will follow this special launch event with other relevant content featuring global corporate leaders whose organizations seek to partner with venture-backed companies.

This webcast is complimentary to all NVCA members-– to register CLICK HERE TO LINK TO THE NVCA WEBSITEImages1_2

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