U.S. Health Care Reform Made Simple– Eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, and Employer-Based Health Insurance



Zeke Emanuel is known for having Big Ideas. His short, easy to read new book, “Healthcare, Guaranteed“, is a must-read.

I first met Zeke several years ago at the Aspen Institute’s Socrates Society, and Zeke has been one of the most popular Socrates seminar leaders on the topic of bioethics. An oncologist and currently the chair of the department of bioethics at the National Institutes of Health, Zeke is a penetrating, deep thinker who knows how to cut to the core element of difficult issues. I have previously posted about Zeke when he remarked at our last Socrates gathering that our society is robbing posterity to live today. His new book is no less profound in its approach to simplifying the American health care system by gutting its core ‘sacred cows’:

According to Newsweek’s review of “Healthcare, Guaranteed”, written by Mary Carmichael:

In place of all these institutions, Emanuel says, the government should offer every American a voucher for health insurance—one that covers the same benefits that members of Congress get. Insurance companies would have to accept the vouchers, and each person could choose from a variety of private networks of docs, hospitals and health plans. A National Health Board would oversee it all. And that’s pretty much it. Now the big question: how do we pay for it? Emanuel’s plan lowers some taxes by gutting costly programs, but it also adds a new fixed tax on some goods and services to pay for the vouchers. “Americans will come out revenue-neutral on average,” he says. “The poor will pay less.” And the rich will probably pay a lot more. Sweeping changes are one thing, but sweeping changes and a new tax? Even if the plan could save health care, it’ll be a hard sell.

Clearly not a layup, but also a very interesting and possibly a compelling solution to the broken healthcare financial reimbursement system in our country. So read this book– and let me know what you think by commenting on this blog post.

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