“The Untold Cyber War”– Huffington Post Reports on Upcoming 2nd Annual IT Security Entrepreneurs Forum

I was recently interviewed by Karen Salmansohn, who writes a regular column for the Huffington Post, while I was at the Aspen Institute attending a Socrates Society Forum seminar on Energy Security.  Her article, ‘The Untold Cyber War’ , comments on an area of increasing personal and professional interest for me– protecting our nation’s vulnerability to a cyber attack that could cripple our critical data and communications infrastructure.

We are engaged in a full-on cyber war right now— and the bad guys aren’t just laptop-toting 17 year-olds fueled by Red Bull in the Ukraine.  Well-funded, organized groups (translates to state-sponsored) are constantly probing for exploitable weaknesses in our data network infrastructure, and they are not discriminating between the private sector and the government.  We must collaborate and share best practices to win this war– the costs of losing it will be severe, pervasive, and will wreak havoc across our socio-economic system very quickly.

To learn more about how to promote public private partnerships and see the agenda for the second annual IT Security Entrepreneurs Forum, go to www.publicprivatepartnerships.org.

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