Animal Copyright, “Ashes and Snow”

Gregory Colbert delivered an Animal_copyrightoutstanding presentation and excerpts from his incredible nature film "Ashes and Snow"at TED.  I just watched it on YouTube, and this is a must see– watch it here

The idea that he introduces of an animal copyright makes eminent sense– corporate advertisers who use nature and animals to promote their produts should pay 1% of their media buy into an “Animal Copyright Foundation”  and dedicate these funds to animal and nature conservation projects around the world.  Based on the annual dollars spent on such advertising, funding from the Animal Copyright could become the largest environmental fund in the world in just three years. Colbert’s suggestion should not be controversial– his simple logic, we pay for the use of musical scores and for the human talent in commercials, why shouldn’t we have an obligation to pay to protect the animals and the natural vistas that aren’t able to be represented by talent agents?  This makes a lot of sense to me.

I hope that others will support this idea.  It’s time for a lot more people to think creatively about immediate solutions to the environmental crisis we are facing.


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