Do You Know Your Responsibilities as A VC Director? Find Out at VC-InsideOut

Logo2 I’ve received numerous requests to do a podcast on VC-IO about "A Simple Guide to the Basic Responsibilities of VC-Backed Company Directors".  Episode 5 of the VC-IO Governance Series, "Basic VC Company Director Responsibilities", is now available.  To stream or download, please click here.

Something Old and Something New

While the podcast reviews some of the key elements of "A Simple Guide…", which is the collaborative white paper co-authored by twenty two members of the Working Group on Director Accountability and Board Effectiveness, it also previews  "A Simple Guide…v2.0", which we are currently planning to release in September.

In addition to incorporating feedback from CEOs and other directors who have used the guide, v2.0 features a new section that maps internal controls to levels of company development.  For example, boards should have in place internal controls governing the segregation of duties during the seed/technology development stage and consider the implementation of governance processes by the board as a whole.  The podcast also comments further on annual director self evaluations and methods to facilitate conducting 360 degree director peer reviews.

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