Global Power Barometer is Live on Post Global Today

As reported in this blog recently, the Global Power Barometer is now live–   

Chuck Mclean writes the following from Aspen–

David Ignatius, Fareed Zakaria and Denver Research Group are launching today a new feature on called the "Global Power Barometer" (GPB).  The GPB is part of "PostGlobal”…an unprecedented effort to create a truly global dialogue on the most important issues of the day. 

The GPB measures the question "which nations, ideologies or political movements are most effectively exercising power to advance their desired goals."  We update the chart every 24 hours Monday thru Friday.   The GPB does not measure "who is most popular and who isn’t" or "who has the best image and who doesn’t".  It measures real-time Global Thought about the international players who are best exercising their power at any given moment.  It is at least a partial surrogate for who’s winning and who’s losing.  The GPB is driven by studies, news articles, commentary and many other sources, but it tries to eliminate opinion and link statements to actions.  We’re trying to judge what’s real, eliminating BS from the equation as much as possible.

The GPB can be found in the PostGlobal section, which you can access off the opinion page of the Washington Post <>.  However, if you’d like to go directly to the GPB, it can be found at <>

I would urge you when you initially access the GPB to first look at the link titled "GPB Background" which can be found under the chart.  It explains the workings of the chart.

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