Fighting the Anti-Israel Academic Boycott With an Inter-Faith Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease

My friend and college classmate Mark Gluck continues to lead the fight against the academic boycott of Israel by sponsoring a second medical science conference in Israel that is a cooperative effort with Al Quds University and Hebrew University.

Mark writes to me about his latest inititative–

Rutgers-Newark is taking a leadership role in fighting the anti-Israel boycotts that are growing in Europe, which seek to isolate Israeli scientists and doctors from their international colleagues. Following our very successful 2005 meeting on Parkinson’s disease in Jerusalem (which resulted in front page coverage in The Star Ledger and The New Jersey Jewish News, and a story on NPR radio), we are moving now to organize a second meeting in Jerusalem in 2008 on Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease. This meeting will be a joint US-Israeli-Palestinian meeting, co-organized by Rutgers University-Newark, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Al Quds Palestinian Medical School in the West Bank. The speakers will include prominent doctors and scientists from the US, Europe, and the Middle East, students and postdoctoral fellows from the US and Europe, and Israeli and Palestinian medical and PhD students from Hebrew University and Al Quds Palestinian Medical School. Half the meeting will take place at Hebrew University and the other half will take place at the Al Quds Palestinian Medical School in the Wet Bank.

Mark is half-way toward his goal of raising $60,000 to make this conference happen.  Funds raised will support the speakers’ travel, pay for local housing, room, and other costs, advertise the meeting throughout world, as well as support students and postdoctoral fellows from the US and Europe to attend the meeting, seeding future US/Europe-Israel-Palestinian collaborations and relationships.

Anyone who would like to help support this effort should contact Professor Mark Gluck at .

For more information on the anti-Israel boycott in science and academia, see an article by Manfred Gerstenfeld of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the World Jewish Congress entitled "The Academic Boycott Against Israel and How to Fight It", which appears at: .

with additional information at:
Mark has also written an open letter on this subject:

In addition to damaging the scientific careers and work of Israeli scientists and doctors, this boycott backfires because it hurts, rather than helps, Palestinians, as I wrote in an editorial for Israeli21c entitled  "An open letter to supporters of the anti-Israel academic boycott," by Mark A. Gluck PhD.

You can read the full text on line at:

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