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I am connected to the Internet while flying from Munich to San Francisco on a Lufthansa flight, and while I do enjoy quiet time, I also enjoy being able to blog from 36,000 feet on my way back home. I don’t know how long this airplane connection has been going, but it is a great thing!

My family and I just concluded our summer holiday, which began with a week’s stay in Israel in conjunction with two speeches that I gave at the 2006 Israel Venture Association conference in Tel Aviv.  We left Israel 48 hours prior to the Gilad Shalit abduction and have been following the sequence of escalating violence with a feeling of great sadness for all.

I tried to stay off the web for much of the trip, with limited success.  Wi-Fi connectivity abounds throughout Europe, as do Internet cafes, and my kids are as compelled to IM with their buddies as I am to avoid coming back to a mountain of unanswered emails– latest SPAM count 1300+. 

I did have the chance to take more time than usual to think about some posts and let them evolve a bit before posting– in particular about recent thoughts I have had on religious pluralism and fundamentalism after leaving Israel.

And of course there was the World Cup– watching the Azurros go all the way from various locations in Italy was a great experience– nothing beats good timing. 


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