With the summer travel season coming up, I feel compelled to issue a public health warning to fellow flyers.  A recent study reveals that the ice cubes, and even the water served for coffee and tea, on many airplanes is less clean than the water in most toilet bowls.

In one out of every seven planes, the EPA found water that did not meet federal standards. It found bacteria like coliform and E. coli — which are often associated with human feces. …

Ice cubes are usually brought onto the plane by a vendor — when the food is brought on board. It’s not something that is usually made with the tap water on the plane.

… it’s "fair" to ask flight attendants where the water comes from, if you’re getting coffee, tea, or a glass of water. … "My guess is that, on most planes, they’re not boiling the water before they serve it in coffee or tea."

And that means dangerous bacteria could survive even in a hot cup of coffee or tea — news that left some travelers a little queasy.

To read the full article from CBS news, click here.

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