Attention Bloggers

I made a prediction about the increasing importance of blogging in 2006 that was quoted in a story released by the National Venture Capital Association .

My specific prediction:

"Global investigative reporting will be permanently transformed by the interactivity and relevance of blogs,enabled by the introduction of new content-based analytical technologies applied to blogging.  Many traditional metropolitan newspapers will die and be replaced by a renaissance of local community newspapers.  Blog 1.0 is cumbersome; Blog 2.0 is going to happen fast."

For a real taste of what can be done in the area of responsible investigative journalism by the new generation of digital media documentary makers, check out PBS Frontline World .  This is a great site that is rich with content created by students that is vetted by the veteran team of PBS Frontline.

For incipient investigative bloggers who live in difficult field conditions, I just learned of an important new tool to help bloggers post anonymously in countries where web content is suppressed.  The site is caled Blog Safer:  The Anoniblogging Wiki.Tools that can promote information transparency and the dissemination of real facts are a good thing, in my view.  Blogging is continuing to change at an accelerating pace!

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