Summer Reading

I’ve read several great books this summer that I recommend.  They include:

1776 by David McCullough– but for outstanding individual efforts in that fateful year, we might be pledging allegiance to the Queen today.

La Sombra del Viento by Carlos Ruiz Zafon  (available in English as The Shadow of  the Wind) — a fictional mystery novel set in Barcelona at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War and the advent of fascism in the country.  You won’t want to put it down.   

A Concise History of Modern Painting by Sir Herbert Edward Read– an outstanding and opinionated journey through modern painting.

Bill Maher’s new book, New Rules is, among other things, a relentless tirade against the current establishment.  It is also funny. Truth may be stranger than Maher’s free associations, however.

His new rule, Chief Wannabe (page 33) reads as follows:

If you have to tell me what fraction of you is Native American, you’re not really an Indian.  There’s a word for people who claim to be one-quarter Indian: Puerto Rican.

Well Bill, I hate to pop your bubble, but since my French-Canadian mom is 1/4 Iroquois, I am 1/8 Iroquois AND I was born in Puerto Rico, which makes me both Puerto Rican and part Native American– and proud of it. That ignores my Romanian and Jewish elements– my ethnicity makes things a bit too complex for a sound bite.

The real question is whether Bill Maher wears a Soylent Green t-shirt (I do) (see Assisted Leaving, page 55).


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