Judy Estrin’s Message to Entrepreneurs: Don’t Give Up During These Challenging Times

Judy Estrin's Video Message to Entrepreneurs 

On February 15th, 2009, during the Aspen Institute's Socrates Society winter program, I interviewed Judy Estrin about the challenges that entrepreneurs are facing getting funding for new ventures in the current risk averse environment.  Estrin is the author of "Closing the Innovation Gap", which is an important book that squarely addresses the roots of America's innovation crisis and analyzes the importance of protecting our country's innovation ecosystem. 

I asked Judy what message she would
like to send to entrepreneurs who are increasingly challenged as they seek to
obtain risk capital funding due to the global financial crisis. “If an
entrepreneur is passionate about what he is doing, he will find a way,” she said in the video interview. “This is what entrepreneurship is all about.
Some of today’s greatest technology companies were started during economic


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