Best Practices for VC Directors Involved in M&A Transactions in Today’s Challenging Environment


Dave Barry, Managing Editor of Dow Jones Financial Information Services, has invited me to join a panel of M&A experts on September 26 to discuss best practices and some of the key challenges currently facing VC-backed company boards involved in mergers and acquisitions. Joining me on the panel are Jeff Laborde, Vice President in Goldman Sachs’ Technology Investment Banking Group, who represented our portfolio company Rapt earlier this year in Rapt’s acquisition by Microsoft. John Peters, former CEO of our portfolio company Reconnex, which McAfee acquired recently, will also be a panelist. Ron Star of Howard Rice joins us to bring the legal perspective to this webinar.

Any venture capitalist involved in or considering an M&A transaction knows that the dynamics of acquisitions in today’s market have shifted such that there is an asymmetric negotiating advantage favoring large corporations (greater resources, always able to ‘wait until next quarter’). Levensohn Venture Partners completed three acquisitions of our portfolio companies so far this year, so I have a very current perspective on the challenges and opportunities of the technology M&A market.

This webinar should be both lively and enlightening as my fellow panelists bring deep experience and best practices knowledge to the discussion. Today, and until we see a robust IPO market re-emerge for growth companies with market capitalizations below $1 billion, M&A is the only way to generate liquidity for most venture portfolios. We will discuss the challenges associated with getting deals done and recommend best practices to optimize outcomes for emerging companies.

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