SmartCar Mileage Update– 28 MPG Fill Up

As my Smart ForTwo gets broken in to city driving, I’ve found that my mileage varies based on my driving habits. For example, if I step on the gas pedal to really accelerate and put stress on that little engine, it sucks down the gas. I am going to test my mileage potential by driving particularly carefully for this next tank of gas and see what I can do. You may say, “that’s stupid, we shouldn’t have to completely alter our driving habits down to degrees of pedal acceleration to get some decent mileage out of that glorified lawnmower.” Perhaps, but I still love my SmartForTwo.

Remember, the SmartForTwo Passion coupe gets considerably better city mileage than a Bugatti Veyron or a McLaren F1– and at a fraction of the price.



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