Beijing Olympics Journal: I Have Michael Phelps’ T-Shirt


When Michael Phelps won the Olympic Gold medal for the Men’s 200m Butterfly earlier this week, I was excited to be there as a witness to part of his record breaking eight Gold medal run in Beijing. Little did I know that I would bring an historic piece of Michael Phelps’ wardrobe back to San Francisco with me.


I was sitting in the second row at the left of the pool, near the medal ceremony podiums, and Phelps was carrying a red shirt balled up in a knot after he received his medal and began the ceremonial walk in front of the crowd to show off the medals.


At his first stop, he paused to throw the shirt into the crowd– directly into my right hand for a one-handed catch. “Team Levensohn” pictured below with my new shirt– I will not wear it again– it is going into the Levensohn Olympic Memorabilia Gallery. This was certainly the highlight of my Olympics!



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