Aspen Ideas Festival: Peter Hirshberg Interviews Jim Steyer About How Children Must Learn Responsible Digital Citizenship on the Web



Technorati’s Chairman,Peter Hirshberg, is on the move at the Aspen Ideas Festival– his video blog provides an excellent forum for impromptu commentary from influential thought leaders in various fields who are attending the conference (link below). Globally, children are developing differently as a result of the pervasive influence of the Internet in their social relations. Jim Steyer, CEO of Common Sense Media, explains why it is imperative to define ‘rules of the road’ for every kid on the Internet and the role that his organization plays as a thought leader in this area. According to Steyer, “this is a huge issue of ethics and responsibility . … kids get this, parents are clueless but know they should.” Despite many challenges when it comes to media content regulation, Steyer is optimistic about the future. This important discussion that ties directly into the that we discussed at our Socrates Society seminar last week on issues of the Media and our Conflicting Values. to watch the video: click on the following link:

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