Smart Car Scores Exceptionally Well in IIHS Crash Safety Tests

The Smart ForTwo, which is the smallest “micro-car” ever tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) scores very well in safety crash tests!

According to the reviewers at IIHS:

The ForTwo is the smallest car the IIHS has ever tested. “All things being equal in safety, bigger and heavier is always better,” said institute president Adrian Lund in an statement. “But among the smallest cars, the engineers at Smart did their homework and designed a high level of safety into a very small package.”

The car scored extremely well for frontal and side crashes but did not do as well in protecting passengers from whiplash. Comparing the IIHS data to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

In the NHTSA front crash test, the ForTwo earned the top rating of “Five Stars” for driver protection, but just “Three Stars” for passenger protection. Few vehicles today get ratings as low as three stars in NHTSA’s front crash tests.

The IIHS uses a different type of front crash test and does not place a crash test dummy in the passenger seat. While NHTSA tests vehicles by crashing them straight into an immovable barrier, the institute crashes vehicles into a deformable barrier so that just part of the vehicle’s front end strikes it.

My takeaways: This car is an ideal urban vehicle and should not be driven at high speeds. See my forthcoming post on the maiden voyage of my Smart ForTwo (including my first experience with ForTwo highway driving)!Newschosmartcarscnnmoney216x164

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