Top Reasons Why Public Company Directors Should be Removed

According to What Directors Think 2007, nearly one-quarter (23%) of the over 1,000 respondents to the sixth annual U.S. public company directors survey feel that a member of their board should be replaced.


*  The director does not have the skill set needed… 36%

*  The director is not engaged…………………………….  31%

*  The director comes to meetings unprepared…….. 18%

*  The director has been on the board too long…….  17%

The first three categories above should resonate equally with private company directors and certainly with venture capitalist directors.  I have maintained for many years in my corporate governance writings that the most common problems faced by boards cut across issues of revenue size and company maturity.

At their core, these are issues that relate to the mutual accountability of individuals who belong to small groups and the need to avoid systemic dysfunction in order to maximize the opportunity for positive corporate outcomes.

In fact, many of these issues are only exacerbated in VC-backed companies because emerging companies are resource-constrained and under severe pressure to execute over a shorter time frame than larger corporations which have greater resources at their disposal.

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