New Podcast Program– Masters of DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

One of our portfolio companies, Reconnex, which is one of the leading providers of DLP solutions, has launched a new podcast series, Masters of DLP, interviewing customers on the security challenges that they face from within their organizations.  Some of the questions addressed by the likes of Randy Barr, Webex CSO, and Tom Bowers of Security Constructs include:

What is Data Loss Prevention or Protection (DLP) and why do I need a DLP solution? What are some of the common problems when deploying a DLP solution? What business benefits will I experience from a DLP solution?

Reconnex tackles these and other important DLP questions head-on in this series of interviews and editorial commentary. Each episode makes clear recommendations about best practices that can be useful to anyone deploying or thinking about a DLP solution.

The content is worth listening to.

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