Salaam Shalom Radio in Bristol England Promotes Interfaith Dialogue

Based on a blog post comment that I recently received from Kyle Hannan of Salaam Shalom Radio, I just found out about the existence of an Internet radio station that promotes interfaith dialogue between Muslims and Jews. It is based in Bristol England. According to a blog published by Norman Geras, the internet radio station started broadcasting in February 2007– it is definitely attracting media attention.  Radio Salaam Shalom intends to be the voice of "the moderate majority".  As you know, I’ve been writing in search of louder expressions from that elusive "moderate majority" for several years on this blog.  My friend Len Traubman posted about the establishment of this radio station in The American Muslim.

I am going to listen to some of the shows and report back on the quality of the content, but I quickly checked out the website and, based on what I have read so far plus these other related posts, I applaud the work that they are doing to promote interfaith dialogue.

In my view, we are unlikely to succeed in reducing the friction between social groups to reach equilibrium in our increasingly globalized, multi-cultural society unless we build many bridges like this university-student-led interfaith radio station.  This is another innovative, education-based attempt to establish a lasting common ground for collaboration between different cultures while respecting and celebrating their differences.

Click here to check it out, and I would appreciate some comments from others on the quality and content of the programming.

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