The Resilient Domari– Update on the Gypsies of Jerusalem

The latest newsletter from the Domari Gypsies of Jerusalem is a testament to the leadership of Amoun Sleem and to the resilience of the Domari, whom I have gotten to know over the past four years.  On my most recent visit to Jerusalem I had the chance to share a special dinner with Amoun and my friends from the Israel Religious Action Center.  At the dinner, I met a new Domari volunteer, Eli Rosenblatt, an American Jew who came to Jerusalem from Serbia last September in order to help the Domari.  Eli had been helping the Roma Gypsies in Serbia and learned about the Domari through an Internet search which also led him to this blog.  This is the kind of Internet matchmaking story that brings me great personal gratification.

Take a moment to read the Domari newsletter and consider that this group of scarcely 3,000 people of North-Indian ancestry has been living at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder in Jerusalem, which is Israel’s poorest city, for over 800 years.

Amoun Sleem’s dream is to start a Domari-owned and operated bakery business in Jerusalem.  If you would like to learn more about this project and would like to help turn this dream into an entrepreneurial reality, please contact Rachel Canar of the Israel Religious Action Center at

Download domari_newsletter_1_07.pdf

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