Global Power Barometer is Coming to

Foreign policy junkies and media spin doctors– get ready for the unveiling of the Global Power Barometer– you may become addicted to this latest news analysis feature coming to the leading edge PostGlobal news blog  within

Visualize a chart with dynamic arrows indicating on a daily basis whether a country’s, or a movement’s, power to influence world events is increasing or decreasing. Are you interested in whether Islamist influence is on the upswing or if Israel and the United States are perceived to be in decline? You will be able to see this, and more, every day starting in late November.

The Global Power Barometer is the branchild of Charles McLean of the Denver Research Group. He has developed this tool with the benefit of decades of private research that DRGI has completed for Fortune 200 companies. The PostGlobal version is the result of a collaboration with David Ignatius and Fareed Zakaria, who moderate the content for PostGlobal’s collection of 30 journalist bloggers from around the globe.

In my view, this important media sentiment sensor will wake people up to critically important current trends that many suspect but can’t quite pin down.. Intrigued? You can even dive into the supporting material behind the ominously drifting arrows.

Stay tuned for more on the actual launch date– but you will have digested your turkey leftovers when the Global Power Barometer goes live.

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