Muslim Offense vs Catholic Defense

Bring on the Pope!  Muslims ranging from the Pakistan legislature, heads of the moderate Islamist Turkish government, and the leading Lebanese Shiite cleric have joined to condemn indelicate remarks about Islam and the Prophet by Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI.  At a speech in Germany earlier this week, the Pope had the temerity to quote an obscure 14th Century text by Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaelogous which raises the advocacy of violence by certain proponents of the Islamic faith in the context of the conflict between faith and reason. 

The Council on Foreign Relations has posted a thorough analysis of the Pope’s faux pas and the quote– click here to get to the CFR link

But where are the massive denunciations of comments such as the one published in the Egyptian Government daily newspaper, Al Ahram, on August 18, 2006 by the Mufti of Egypt, Sheikh ‘Ali Gum’a:

Translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute

"Anyone who follows the news will discover that the Hebrew entity has turned into a [source] of [empty] talk, while the Arab discourse, which was characterized in the sixties [as empty talk], has developed significantly. [The Arabs] have learned a lesson and have moved from talk to action, and from the fostering of illusions to honesty, transparency, realistic goal-setting and ability to change. The Israeli discourse, [on the other hand], has turned to false declarations based on illusions, with wishful thinking taking precedence over facts.

These lies have exposed the true and hideous face of the blood-suckers who were described by Filmange in his book The Treasure Hidden in the Talmudic Laws [sic], which tells how [the Jews] planned [to prepare] a matzo [unleavened Passover bread] using human blood. [2] If we follow events, the most important thing [that we discover], in my opinion, is that the war going on [today] plants hatred in the next generations, as though one of its goals is to perpetuate the conflict for many years to come.

Jews speak out against lies and anti-Semitism through organizations such as the Anti Defamation League.  But the steady and increasing torrent of anti-Semitic literature, speeches, and government sponsored propaganda that come out of the Muslim world is largely ignored by the mainstream global media because it isn’t "news" anymore, it is a fact of life if you are Jewish.

It is not OK for the Pope to make disparaging comments about Islam.  It is not OK for the Mufti of Egypt to say that Jews make Passover matzo from human blood.

I see a growing asymmetry in this latest Muslim reaction of outrage that is very troubling.  Do you?   


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