Levensohn Venture Partners Launches VC-InsideOut Podcast Program at WWW.VC-IO.COM


I always knew that my interest in playing and recording music would be useful in business someday, but I didn’t know I would find Protools and Digidesign’s Mbox2 to be perfect for Podcasting. 

The first two episodes of VC-InsideOut, a podcast program on the Venture Capital industry developed and produced by the five investment professionals at Levensohn Venture Partners, are available for streaming and downloads on the web at www.VC-IO.com. We are initially developing two distinct series– one on Governance and one on the Entrepreneur.

Our first guest is serial entrepreneur Neil Day, who speaks about the importance of testing out ideas and learning from early third party feedback before you go meet with VCs.  Neil is a veteran of 3DO, Walmart.com, and Velosel– he is currently a co-founder of digital media company MediaMaster, which is still in stealth mode.

VC-InsideOut opens a window into the venture capital industry through constructive dialogue and interviews with leading VCs, entrepreneurs, and other influential leaders involved with the VC world. We believe that Levensohn Venture Partners is the first and currently the only VC firm to have a dedicated podcast program.

VC-InsideOut episodes feature original content developed and produced by Pascal Levensohn, Keith Benjamin, Kip Sheeline, Steve Reale, and Jeff Karras on a range of subjects relevant to the venture capital industry. Typical episodes run between 10 and 12 minutes. You can stream the content from our website, or download it to iTunes or your favorite media player. By clicking on Subscribe, you can be notified of new episodes when they are added to the VC-IO.com website.

VC-InsideOut kicks off with two separate series, the Governance Series and the Entrepreneur Series.

About the VC-InsideOut Governance Series

How and why are VC boards different from other boards? What are some of the common problems faced by VC-backed company boards? Are there early warning signs of trouble in the board room? What are some of the signs of effective and ineffective venture boards and directors? VC-InsideOut tackles these and other important governance questions head-on in this series of interviews and editorial commentary on the state of VC boards. Each episode makes clear recommendations about best practices that can be useful to VCs and entrepreneurs in the field.

About the VC-InsideOut Entrepreneur Series

Is my idea good enough to attract VC funding? How do I make a real business plan out of inspiration? What should my pitch to VCs include? What are some common mistaken assumptions that entrepreneurs make about VCs? What do VCs need to know about entrepreneurs but are afraid to ask?

The VC-InsideOut Entrepreneur Series is focused on enabling entrepreneurs to gain access to the information, insights, and tools needed to build successful technology companies. Leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other service providers share their experiences on the “ins and outs” of creating an idea, business plans, hiring teams, raising capital, and building businesses that scale.

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