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Welcome to VC-InsideOut, the podcast produced by the investment professionals at Levensohn Venture Partners. VC-InsideOut opens a window into the venture capital industry through constructive dialogue and interviews with leading VCs.

VC-InsideOut Episode I

Six Early Warning Signs of Trouble in the VC Board Room

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Content duration: 13:20

Summary and Selected Abstract of VC-InsideOut Episode 1:

Pascal Levensohn comments about the recent Hewlett Packard boardroom scandal and relates the communication problems faced by mature company boards that cannot agree on maintaining confidentiality to the miscommunication that underlies many board problems in early stage venture-backed companies.

"… I’m pleased to introduce you to the first episode of VC-InsideOut’s series on corporate governance. In the future, you will also hear from my partners, Keith Benjamin, Kip Sheeline, Steve Reale, and Jeff Karras on a range of subjects relevant to the venture capital industry.We are kicking off VC-Insideout with this series of episodes focused on best practices for VC-backed company boards.Today we are going to focus on the touchy subject of CEO Transition, which is the bete noire of VC’s and a topic that is widely misunderstood by observers of the venture capital scene."

VC-InsideOut: Bringing You Inside Venture Capital and Bringing Out VC Industry Best Practices

Based in San Francisco and investing in IT ventures for over ten years, Levensohn Venture Partners proactively advocates best practices in governance and has published groundbreaking articles on the subject since 1999.

Two well known collaborative white papers on VC governance topics are freely available for download on the Levensohn Venture Partners website at .

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