Anat Hoffman Follows Up

I received the following email from Anat Hoffman of the IRAC, who went back to Beer Sheva after learning of the troubling developments in the region post our recent visit–

July 3, 2005

Dear Pascal,

We visited Hussein yesterday in the protest tent near be’er almshash. we
found out that he has a lawyer to deal with the police. We offered
assistance in other areas such as challenging the regulations regarding
water rights, forcing the government to offer early childhood services and
other issues he felt strongly about.

The tent was full of young men all waiting to hear about the big demonstration planned for Thursday. They were angry, bored and ignitable. How right you were in seeing the burning of the supermarket in your minds eye. The lawyer Einat Hurwitz was surrounded by residents  who spoke all in unison in Arabic and Hebrew about the traumatic visit of the authorities on Thursday. "We are citizens! We are Israelis! We
belong here!"

Clearly we cannot take on legal work on 1,000 demolition orders, but there
are other things that hurt and humiliate them and we offered legal
assistance on those other issues.

On (next) Thursday’s demonstration 1,000 Bedouins of the unrecognized villages will
be photographed together each holding his blue ID card next to his or her
face. This will visually make the point "we are citizens. treat us like



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