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What is Syndicate this site (XML)?

You can can subscribe to the syndicated site feed (or RSS feed) in a desktop or web-based news aggregator.  This allows you to automatically know when there is an update to pascalsview and to read the blog content in a variety of different applications.

Many popular portals can read and display the RSS information provided by pascalsview.  In most cases you will need to:

  1. Right-click on the Syndicate this site (XML) link and click copy shortcut.
  2. Go to your portal and follow its instructions to add content.
  3. When asked for the RSS URL, press CTRL+V to paste the Web address for the pascalsview RSS feed.
  4. When you see the pascalsview item on your page, edit the options to organize content from your new feed, e.g., select how many headlines to display, how far back to view, etc.

If you use My Yahoo!, you can accomplish the above steps automatically by selecting this button:  (You may be asked to log into Yahoo.)

If you would like to receive email notification when new content is added to pascalsview, you can subscribe to the service provided by Bloglet.  Simply enter your email address in the box provided to the left and select the Subscribe button.

More On Weblogs and Aggregators

An aggregator or news reader is an application (desktop, web-based, plugin) that allows you to subscribe to “feeds” of weblogs and news sites.  Usually, these applications are scheduled to check and see if any of the sites you have subscribed to have been updated and if they have, the new version of the site (usually a post) will appear for you to read.  Aggregators are great because they bring weblog updates to you, instead of you having to actively look to see if your favorite reads have been updated.

There are a number of popular aggregator clients that run as desktop applications.  On Windows, one of the more popular desktop clients is FeedDemon, which makes it easy to add feeds and view them in a newspaper-style view or as individual entries.  A similar view that can be integrated directly into Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express) is available with the NewsGator plug-in.

On the Macintosh, most users prefer NetNewsWire as their desktop aggregator.

In general, any desktop or web-based aggregator which reads RSS feeds is appropriate for use.  Try a few to find out which aggregator client best complements the way you work.

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